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It looks like just about everyone reaches a stage in their life when they want to be a landlord. From reality TV shows to glamorous tales of how a few stand-out individuals went from working full-time to making thousands and thousands of dollars off their rental properties, there’s really no wonder why people think being a landlord is so rewarding and fun. After all, at first thought, it seems like owning a whole lot of properties and waiting for the rent checks to come in each month could be so carefree and simple. Not to mention you could make a whole lot of money by simply making a bank-run every month.

Of course, in fact, life as a landlord is by no means simple.

Landlords need to manage everything from small hiccups from the plumbing system to electrical problems, house upgrades, damage caused by tenants, and so much more. Oftentimes, they also need to provide lawn care for their properties, schedule maintenance check-ins, and cover for all kinds of repairs–most of that is likely due to tenants who were on their way out. Staying on top of due dates and deadlines is still another problem, and when you start looking at the long list of responsibilities a landlord is expected to manage, it becomes evident that it may not be such an incredible option after all.

But, despite all of the headache, it remains very lucrative. And, if you get in the proper tenants, you can save yourself plenty of trouble. However, in spite of these things in mind, landlords still must make certain the lawn is cared for, that the house is preserved, that repairs are fixed in a timely manner, and that issues tenants bring up are looked after. This means taking a lot of phone calls, scheduling a lot of handyman visits, and even fronting money for these things out-of-pocket. Normally, the rent checks are enough to keep landlords inspired to keep going since this hard-work surely pays off at the end of the money, but in-between paychecks, it can be difficult to handle everything.

That is where a property maintenance company often comes into play. Whether you have one house or many, a home maintenance company may help you make sure everything is taken care of quickly, easily, and with a smile. Rather than you spending countless hours talking to tenants, scheduling repairs, and meeting with the people you hire, a property maintenance company will take over that job and basically deal with all the hassle of being a landlord.

The company will then be responsible for handling all necessary maintenance and repairs, and then providing you with a summary of what’s going on every week. To put it differently, their job is to relieve your stress and assure you that everything is taken care of.

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